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"FUN! Sustainable Dish" at Fun Dining KASA


“FUN DINING KASA” offers new menu transform damaged vegetables into amazing dishes



“FUN DINING KASA” provides a variety of culinary delights which guests can enjoy “FUN” sense of feeling into dishes offers new menu “FUN! Sustainable dishes” as one of our commitment to sustainability.


To support local farmers and prevent food waste, we proactively purchase damaged vegetables and fruits from farmers suffering from damage caused by natural disasters such as typhoons, flood, earthquakes. Even ingredients that are difficult to prepare, damaged or irregularly shaped, are transformed into beautiful and delicious dishes by using the techniques and ingenuity only professional chefs can provide.

Due to the nature and the arrival of ingredients, the menu changes every 3 days to 3 weeks and we carefully select the ingredients that are safe and secure and we always try to bring new “FUN” every time guests visit.

Enjoy the adventurous approach of Executive Chef, Koji Fukuda, who has traveled all over the world, using a variety of techniques to bring out the charm of ingredients.



◆MENU examples: 

The menu we had when we use the vegetables and pears from farmers that damaged by Typhoon 7 in August, 2023.



  • Today’s Appetizer – FUN! Sustainable Dish “Scallop and pear Escabeche” 


  • Today’s Main – FUN! Sustainable Dish “Grilled Yamagata pork loin Roasted vegetables from Shimane prefecture Squid ink crumble” 


  • Today’s dessert – FUN! Sustainable Dish  “Tottori pear compote Crème d’Anjou Yogurt granita Lemongrass jelly” 



Selection of ingredients with consideration for the earth 

“FUN DINING KASA” focuses on initiatives based on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and actively uses ingredients that consider animal welfare in food production process. In addition to the continuous use of cage-free eggs, we have started using completely pasture-raised beef without the use of hormones throughout their lives.

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