Pullman Tokyo Tamachi - Luxury hotel - YSY Art Exhibition "Y-CONS OF PLAY"

YSY Art Exhibition "Y-CONS OF PLAY"


YSY’s pop art celebrating sports heroes opens first overseas exhibition at Pullman Tokyo Tamachi


Youssef SY


Pullman Tokyo Tamachi will be holding the “Y-CONS of Play” exhibition by French artist YSY (aka Youssef SY) from July 11th, coinciding with the Paris Olympics kicking off later this month.

Born and raised in Paris, YSY is known for his vibrant paintings of historical figures and pop culture icons, and this new exhibition – his first overseas – pays homage to his biggest sports heroes, drawing influence from both Japanese and French traditions, bringing together Tokyo and Paris in a most dynamic and exciting manner.

The exhibition will run until August 13th and is free to enter.

Please stop by JUNCTION this summer and enjoy the sporting spirit.



■Special Art Exhibition「Y-CONS OF PLAY」

Period: 11 July – 13 August, 20204

Location:JUNCTION Lobby Lounge at Pullman Tokyo Tamachi

Price: Free




“Y-CONS OF PLAY” Art Exhibition Artwork List 

Total: 12 artworks( Size: 60x80cm) 

  1. Andre: The kid of Las Vegas 
  2. Allen: The Answer 
  3. Larry: Barcelona 1992 
  4. Michael: Barcelona 1992 
  5. Earvin: Barcelona 1992 
  6. Diego: Mexico 1970 
  7. Edson: Mexico 1970 
  8. Ronaldo: Yokohama 2002 
  9. Zinédine: France 1998 
  10. Roger: London 2003 
  11. Rafael: Paris 2005 
  12. Novak: Melbourne 2003 



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