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Shincha Cocktails at JUNCTION

Shincha Cocktails at JUNCTION
From 01/05/2022 until 30/06/2022

JUNCTION is proud to present “SHINCHA COCKTAIL” featuring the best of first-loading Sencha, Shincha!


Shincha is the first picked tea leaves of this year. We will be serving gin blended with precious Shincha available only in limited quantities and homemade Shincha syrup to bring you fresh aroma of this season of vibrant greenery.

Feel the arrival of early summer while listening to the sound of bartenders shaking cocktails at JUNCTION!



Selling Period :  01 May – 30 June, 2022

Price:   JPY 1,500


88 Collins

The first harvest starts 88 days after the first day of spring (February 4th in Japanese calendar), the shincha we get from this first harvest is said to be the sweetest one due to the cold winter. After the sakura blooming and the weather gets warmer, the next big theme in Japan is shincha, 88 Collins uses a homemade shincha syrup that compliments the gin and is balanced by the lime juice, the Japanese bitters gives a touch of yuzu to make the experience more enjoyable.





Shincha is the best highly coveted first harvest sencha during spring. It’s only available in limited quantities which makes it a cherished tea. Evergreen cocktail uses a shincha infused gin, homemade pepper ginger syrup, lemon juice and top up with green tea to balance the bittersweet, grassy and sour flavor that is very refreshing and perfectly match the warm weather during spring.


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