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Halloween Cocktails

Halloween Cocktails


Enjoy a spooky night at Pullman Tokyo Tamachi with our Halloween cocktails.




Purple is a spiritual color due to its rarity in the natural world.

In the cocktail it is a representation of the waters of the river of death that separates the world of the living to the world of those who are not.

The garnish was inspired by the zombies eyeball a mythological undead creature through the reanimation of a corpse.
A vodka-based cocktail with blueberry syrup added to soften the mouthfeel and lemon juice added for a refreshing aftertaste.





Like a witch’s potion, this cocktail incorporates strong flavours rounded by the homemade pumpkin spice syrup and balanced by the lime juice.

While potion making there’s always a smoke or fog coming out of the cauldron, this is recreated by the smoke gun for a theatrical scary touch that also deepens the flavours.

The last touch is the pumpkin-like orange peel. In honor of our dead witches hanged in the city of Salem.
Cocktail based on tequila and homemade pumpkin syrup. Balance the whole with lime juice and enjoy the citrus aroma with Cointreau and orange peel.
The finish uses a smoke gun, so you can enjoy a deep taste and aroma.




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